The RED THREAD BAND is a new musical project that originated in 2013. It is an initiative joined, on a working basis, by people from various cultures, origins and nationalities.
The aim and assumption is to use music as a medium to pass on values that contribute to all the positive efforts that make the Earth “a better place” for all of us. And it is by no means the common syndrome of saving the world by an individual, but rather making all of us aware of the responsibility and need for commitment and bringing help mainly in the issues that affect social matters, both locally and globally. The issues in focus are: breaking rights of children (harassment, among other things), women, poverty, lack of access to drinking water, lack of access to education, trade in humans etc. It is music through which we want to get through to the minds of us all, people, to motivate us to display responsible attitudes and make us sensitive to injustice and social unfairness.
Aware of the challenges ahead of those who actually struggle with the aforementioned problems, we decided not to close our eyes to their pain but with all means and possibilities accessible bring them comfort and hope. At the same time we would like to call on you and make it very explicit that it is high time we together faced those challenges,
committing ourselves, our finances or our sensitivity, and awareness to face all the existing problems.

Radio RST 18.03.2014: Our first visit to the Radio
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Radio RST 18.03.2014: Our first visit to the Radio
The Word without music would be  as wretched and gloomy as our life without positive and good impulses.
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