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The Red Thread Band is a new musical project that originated in 2013. It is an initiative joined, on a working basis, by people from various cultures, origins and nationalities.The aim and assumption is to use music as a medium to pass on values that contribute to all the positive efforts that make the Earth “a better place” for all of us.
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Help for street girls. Support in the purchase of sewing machines. Many thanks to pastor Robert Crawford (fot. right) and of course to all buyers of edubook.
RTB is a profit-making company, the target of which is support and giving. Our help is aimed mainly at actively supporting the education process and making it available in the developing countries. countries. We make the dreams of a better Tomorrow come true for those who don't have a peaceful Today due to armed conflicts, political situation, natural disasters or cultural influences..
This time we support the project of To All Nations / MALO A MCHEREZO
At the construction Dormitories (small housing units for the students from far away).
November 2016 / Dormitories, Malawi.
April 2015 / Sewing project in Zambia.
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ABOUT Red Thread Initiative
Red Thread Initiative is a new, young, creative and dynamic project. We’re a group of friends. We’ve known each other for many years. We come from different cultures and countries.
We speak many languages. Each of us has strong and weak points . We’ve got different passions. The fact we’re a bit different has never soured  our friendship, quite the opposite,
it helps us develop. What unites us the most, is our love to Jesus! He is the source of our ideas and motivation to support others, especially those in need. We joined our passions
and strong points creating RT Initiative, which consists of three diffeent spheres. Our main goal and motto is: We were created to help others!
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