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How it all started.

I guess it did much earlier than I sometimes think. I remember a story that happened over 30 years ago.
As a 5-6 year old boy I was travelling back home with my parents on a train. At one of the stations we were waiting for another train. It was relatively late and cold. On the platform there
were few travellers. Running around under my father's care I was releasing the remnants of my
youthful energy. Suddenly I noticed my Mum talking to an elderly, shabby and untidy woman. Her looks and gestures brought some bad associations to my mind. When we got onto the train, my mother started to tell us what she'd learnt about that homeless woman. As she finished the story she said that she felt very sad and the she'd rather take her home with us. This statement took away my joy of travelling by train. Knowing my Mum I was afraid that once she may really do that! She has a very sensitive heart.

Today, 30-or-so years later, I can only say that one can inherit not just disease but also some positive features of character. Today I am a father myself. I travel by train very rarely. But I'd never think that fatherhood would make me even more sensitive to wrong and injustice, especially towards children.

It was thanks to a group of friends that I got the idea of making a product which, by bringing profits and making me financially independent at a long term, will give hope, joy and future to those whose lives made it impossible for them to lead healthy and normal existence. In this way we are not limited only to donations but we can make our clients only to donations but we can make our clients PHILANTHROPISTS..

RTB is a profit-making company, the target of which is support and giving. Our help is aimed mainly at actively supporting the education process and making it available in the developing countries. countries. We build and renovate dilapidated schools. We equip them, among other things, in toilets, sanitary. We equip them, among other things, in toilets, sanitary devices, water intakes and tanks. We want to enable students to gain knowledge and improve the conditions of the teachers' work. We sponsor the fees, buy course books and copy-books. We make the dreams of a better Tomorrow come true for those who don't have a peaceful Today due to armed conflicts, political situation, natural disasters or cultural influences.

The year 2013 is the beginning of our activity. It is our birth.
That is why it is crucial that we have your trust through the fact that you have bought our
product. As the owner of RTB I would like to emphasise that we make all efforts necessary to
achieve mutual trust in respect of the quality of our product as well as the target we have set and endeavour to accomplish.

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