The EDUBOOK is more than just a notebook. For us it is a reflection and embodiment of our dreams.
We can say that 'edu' has a soul, consequently it also has life.
Buying our edubook you get with it part of our dreams, visions and passions.
By the way, it is you who becomes part of them. The Edubook is our first concept of creating a product that combines commercial features with simultaneous considerable involvement in welfare.
It is due to the sales profits we can together realise projects that give us joy and help others 'sleep peacefully'.
We are not just hopeful for the edubook. We almost literally treat is as our 'first child'.
We want its development to bring us all pride and satisfaction with the fact that it exists.

In the first edition we have clothed it neatly, combining, among other things, a trendy and popular style Retro-Classic in the form of a black cover with the pages pre-printed with an innovative and fashionable dotted pattern.
The whole was stitched with red thread and bound with an elastic band in the same colour.

We hand it to you in belief that you will like it as much as we have.
Let it meet its destiny

May we wish you a lot of pleasure with edubook.
Hardcover black
Format: 210 mm x 132 mm
Rounded corners
90g Munken / cream / dotted
No. of pages: 192
Elastic band: red
Bookmark: red
Inner Pocket
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