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Notebook edubook
The edubook Is more than just a notebook. For us it is a reflection and embodiment of our dreams. We can say that 'edu' has a soul, consequently it also has life. Buying our edubook you get with it part of our dreams, visions and passions.
By the way, it is you who becomes part of them...
Custom designed notebooks and diaries.
With the purchase our books you can be sure that you are not only in possession of a quality product, but at the same time you create an opportunity and a better education of many children. Each selling book this enables a child a better future.
Printing and finishing departments
Machine Park::
-HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SX102-8-P,
-Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102, 4+0,
-Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-B2
-Roland 704-B1 SW 2+2, B1
-Digitaldruck: KODAK NexPress SX2700
Notebook Inner Pocket
Inner Pocket / self-adhesive
There are at disposal with and without elastic band and pen loop.
RTB is a profit-making company, the target of which is support and giving. Our help is aimed mainly at actively supporting the education process and making it available in the developing countries. countries. We build and renovate dilapidated schools. We equip them, among other things, in toilets, sanitary. We equip them, among other things, in toilets, sanitary devices, water intakes and tanks. We want to enable students to gain knowledge and improve the conditions of the teachers' work. We sponsor the fees, buy course books and copy-books. We make the dreams of a better Tomorrow come true for those who don't have a peaceful Today due to armed conflicts, political situation, natural disasters or cultural influences.

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